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About WarStorm
Welcome to War Storm's guild page! We're an active guild that's expanding quickly. We touch all aspects of the WoW universe whether it's Pvping, Raiding, Achievment Whoring, Pet Battiling, or anything else you could possibly think of that's not RP. We don't do that. 

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Please please please understand this:

1. If you join us to raid, do NOT rage quit/log/ and/or pull your plug. You will be immediately gkicked. If you DC'd, pst Roobi or Dustiee, and explain that you Dc'd and did not rage log. We will reinvite.

2.Do NOT abundantly cuss or use vulgar language/jokes while in vent, you will recieve a warning then be gkicked if you cannot advise that warning.

3. Please be mindful and courteous to everyone in the guild. Do not harrass the women in the guild. They're girls. Get over it. Also, we don't care about your iLvL or how good you think you are. Respect everyone. Keep disrespecting others and you will get 1 warning. You will be gkicked if you don't advise it.

For the current guildies, these rules were not listed before because it was assumed you understood this. Please reread and understand that everything applies to everyone. Thank you.


We are currently not raiding. Some guildies would to start raiding again. If anyone is interested please whisper Roobi. The more people that whisper, the higher the possibility of a group starting again.

To be considered for a raiding spot, you must be active within the guild and show the ability to listen.  If you have questions you can talk to an officer about eligibility.

Roobi - GM
Dedication - Self-claimed Co-GM
Dustiee - Officer
Jessal - Officer

Currently we have guildies interested in pvp. With BGs and Arenas done on their own time, getting together an RBG would be fantastic. Anyone that's interested please whisper Dedication or Roobi.

The guild application process is easy! Click the Apply to Guild link at the top of page, fill out the application to the best of your ability, and welcome to the War Storm family!

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